Take action and strike back beyond the March for Science 2018!

Follow up to advocate for science-based policy in Massachusetts

After the March for Science, we need to keep the pressure on our legislators to make evidence-based policy decisions. There are bills in the works right now that could make Massachusetts a leader in the fight against climate change. One in particular, the Omnibus Clean Energy Bill, would be a crucial step in this direction. But industry lobbyists oppose these bills, so we need to counter them with people power. That’s why we’ve selected a few key days of action to continue our march. Get these dates on your calendar!

Here is what you can do:

  • Sign up to learn more about our call-in day on Monday, April 23rd, and day of advocacy on May 10th.
  • Join your 350 Mass node and advocate for ambitious and evidence-based climate policies.
  • Learn more about current legislation that needs your support.

Get involved and strike back!